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„The Vintage Look“

The liveliness, the depth effect, the embossed edges of the copper plate in the paper, the velvety melting of the oil paint, the structure of the etching board, the delicacy of the aquatint screen, the visual speciality of contrast and sharpness. Intaglio printing fascinates through its special tonality and feel. It is difficult to define them if you cannot look at the print yourself.

The intaglio prints can therefore only unfold their full effect „live“ and captivate the art lover. They are neither photographic prints nor digital outputs from the printing machine. Intaglio prints are handmade from the etching press.

Dogs in Vintage Cars


Urban Details

Wald & Meer


The prints are hand-printed one after the other in small editions and consist exclusively of oil paint by Charbonnel and age-resistant and acid free etching boards by Hahnemühle.

I describe further details of the printing technique I use here: