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Commission art

You would like me to produce a light etching?

Then please send me your digital artwork. After examining your artwork, I can assess whether the image is suitable for the production of a light etching. The assessment is free of charge for you. If I think it is possible, I will provide you with a cost estimate on request.

The copper plates have the dimensions 60x40cm, 50x40cm, 40x40cm, 36x24cm, 30x20cm and 25x20cm. Before you can collect the print, it is dried and pressed for approx. 2 weeks. Shipping is also possible and is not rolled, but in flat position as a loose sheet or with mounting in a folding passepartout made of museum cardboard.

If the image is not available in digital form, I can also offer digitisation by means of scanning or reproduction. If you do not have an original image, but rather a desired idea, this can also be realised through a professional photo shoot.

I personally carry out all the work involved in creating a light etching (photo shooting, digitisation, image processing, printing forme creation and printing on the etching press).

You can also contact me directly via

WhatsApp 01739378385
Schillerstraße 28, 22767 Hamburg

Email: info@lichtradierkunst.de

Mobil: +49 - 1736378385


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